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Our BBP Members Say

My daughter started participating in Black Box Players when she was 4 and now she is 9 and has been involved in over 14 shows! It’s hard to express how wonderful this activity has been for our entire family. My daughter’s creativity and imagination has been encouraged and she has made many wonderful friends with both children and adults. The director, MaryAnne Thornton, is kind, loving, wonderful at what she does, and my daughter loves working with her. Our family enjoys listening to the soundtrack of whatever show my daughter is in while we drive and my now 5 year old grew up singing along with Sissy and listening as she practiced her lines. The joy that our involvement in Black Box Players has brought us is immeasurable.

Kristin Link Ullrich • Cast Member/Parent

We have loved being involved with Black Box, first as enthusiastic audience members, and for the last year as cast members. The chance to be up on stage has given the children so much confidence, and the opportunity for us all to be in a play together was a unique, fun, and rewarding experience. I admire MaryAnne’s eye for detail — the sets and costumes are always unbelievably professional looking. We hope for at least 25 more years of BBP!

Lisa Duval • Cast Member/Parent